Personally, I don't think Percy and Annabeth would let their children see them fight, but, oh, well. I had a really hard time writing this, the words just didn't sound right and I couldn't find a good ending. But I hope you like it anyway. There's a reference to "Go To Bed" chapter 5? Annabeth hated fighting with Percy. Sure, they had their occasional spats that ended up in laughter and make up five minutes later when one of them got lost in their train of thought.

Those were frequent and harmless and even amusing. But fighting, really fighting with him, that was rare and terrible and she hated every second of it. He was so much more than a boyfriend, a husband, he was her best friend, right arm, the one person she trusted with her life. She loved him, so much it was almost too much. He was everything to her and fighting him just hurt. It never happened out of the blue, they started innocently, a grumbled comment here and there, a snappy remark.

Then they would progress into annoyed looks and exasperated sighs. The little things that had always bothered them about each other became pounding headaches, irritating them beyond belief. The tension kept building up as the friction between them grew to angry sparks until one day a pointed comment would spontaneously turn into a full blown fight.

She didn't know what had happened this time. She remembered him picking Logan's drawing on the fridge and commenting morosely on how fast he was growing without him even noticing.

She could have let it slide, she should have let it slide, but before she could hold her tongue, she had already said that maybe if he was more at home then maybe he would notice. She regretted saying it instantly.

She didn't have the right to accuse him of neglecting his son. Percy was a great father, he gave Logan all the love and attention neither of them had had from their fathers, and every time he spent away from home was the strictly necessary kind. That had been unnecessary and mean and just plain hurtful. She wanted to apologize, but her pride wouldn't let her. And he noticed.

And suddenly they were nose to nose, whispering furiously sharp edged words in a competition of who could cut the deepest. His sea green eyes lost the dancing humor and the warmth she loved so much, they were filled with hurt and a look of betrayal. It made her chest tighten in a painful way because he never looked at her with anything but love.Story Story Writer Forum Community. Percy and Annabeth Stories. Founder: Bunny's daughter - Stories: 25 - Followers: 17 - Staff: 1 - id: Percabeth one-shot.

Find out about the one and only Percabeth baby! Percabeth Ultimate by Emmarox reviews This is the most weirdest story's of Percabeth ever! Read it and you will want more!

percy and annabeth fight fanfiction

It is my first published book and I hope you like it. Camp Half Blood is attacked! Annabeth is hurt and ultimate secrets are revealed! Annabeth is fed up with the same old palace life. She dreams of exploring the world outside the city walls. Percy is travelling to Athens in order to support his mother. Better than it sounds, please give it a chance it is my first fanfiction. Zombies, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My! The zombie apocalypse has struck, leaving Annabeth alone in New York City until she stumbles upon a secure base led by a mysterious, green-eyed boy.

However, the base is hiding a lot more than it seems. Give it a try. You know you want to! Just one shots of our favorite couple Percy and Annabeth! Secrets by booklover reviews Annabeth Chase is dating her bestfriend's, Cassandra, brother, Percy Jackson. Will she try to end the realationship or will she end up saving it?

Life's complications by kuntakintae reviews Annabeth is a girl with a dark past and a torturous life. Percy is a cheerful boy who seems to have no troubles at all.

The rest of our favorite characters are included too!If there was anything Annabeth hated more than angry spiders, which she'd had her fair share of, it was an angry Percy. People might argue against it, and she didn't blame them. Even when angry, Percy always had the ability to mask his feelings, covering up with his usual smiles and jokes.

To Annabeth, it was one of his greatest talents. But sometimes even Percy had to let loose. And the only moment he could afford to do that was in front of Annabeth. There were usually 3 occasions in which Annabeth had the unfortunate chance of seeing Percy in this state. Most times, 'person he loves' translates into Annabeth. And 'hurt' can mean physically hurt, sexually hurt or flirting despite Annabeth's clear distaste. These moments would usually lead him into blow down the house rages.

Which no one wanted. And finally, the third and most rare occasion, was while fighting with Annabeth. In the REAL fights. Annabeth always knew fighting would be a part of their relationship. They had fought when they had first met, when Annabeth hated him. They fought when they became friends. They fought when they became closer; when he became her right arm, the only person she could count on and really trust; when he became her best friend.

Fighting always came naturally for them. Their relationship wasn't complete without it. Even when they started dating, they still had their occasional squabbles. But they were only small arguments. Over small unimportant things. They usually ended with them either cracking up or making out. But REAL fighting; the real fighting would hardly ever happen.

And this one occasion it was worse than it could ever possibly get. It had started out innocently enough. A picnic under a tree in the strawberry fields to celebrate Annabeth's 18th birthday.

Everything she loved was present. There was pizza, juice, cake and of course: Percy. The empty plates lay in a pile beside them. Annabeth's stomach was so full she thought it was gonna burst. Sighing contentedly, the lightly brushed her thumb on Percy's hand, which was clamped on her own.

They lay shoulder to shoulder, occasionally pointing out a weird cloud in the blue sky. But mostly they just lay in silence, enjoying each other's company.

But of course, it couldn't be perfect. Something just had to ruin it. And this time, the something was a certain stunning former goddess. At first, when Leo had come back from the dead and introduced Calypso to them, both Annabeth and piper had their suspicions.

They suspected Calypso was playing Leo; a trick to get off of her island prison. So the fact that the goddess gave up immortality just so that she didn't have to live without Leo shocked both Piper and Annabeth.Annabeth walked through Camp Half-Blood, watching various campers train with each other as she mulled over her thoughts. Last night she had gotten in a huge fight with Percy, and as of now they weren't friends. She scowled. It hadn't even been over anything big, she just had a close call in capture the flag, and Percy had been worried.

That was all, but the anger and frustration that had been building up in their relationship had just overflowed, and it ended with her walking out of Percy's cabin in tears. Annabeth hadn't seen Percy since then, as far as she knew, he was still in his cabin. Not watching where she was going, Annabeth tripped over someone's stray foot, tumbling to the dirt with a cry. Rough hands picked her up, and Annabeth found herself staring into the sweaty face of a particularly beefy son of Ares.

You're talking to Mike Markle. Son of Ares. You keep using that tone on me and I might have to exert my power over you" Mike threatened. You couldn't exert control over anything, not even a fly" She laughed. Mike got red in the face, then did something that Annabeth didn't expect.

Mike clubbed Annabeth right across the face, sending her sprawling in the dirt. A crowd had gathered by now, watching the scene unfold. Mike stepped forwards and kicked Annabeth in the stomach, winding her. He bent down and pulled the girl up by the collar of her t-shirt, meaning to punch her face again. Percy's clear voice rang out through the camp, halting Mike's abuse of Annabeth.

Mike dropped Annabeth to the side, and she backed away, clutching her face. Mike spat on his hands, curling them into fists so tight they cracked his beefy knuckles.

Percy did nothing. Mike let out a roar and charged at Percy. Percy easily sidestepped, causing Mike to go crashing into a rack of shields with a clatter. This made the brawny son of Ares even more angry than before, and he charged again. Percy did the same thing without hesitation, this time adding a small push that added to Mike's momentum, causing him to run straight into the ground, where he rolled over and looked at Percy with a dazed look.

Gasps went up from the crowd around them. Percy's green eyes flashed, and in an instant he was kneelign over Mike, handpressed to the son of Ares' throat. He brought his fist back, and for the first time in history Mike looked somewhat scared.

In a brilliant move, Percy made to punch Mike's face in, but cut short a quarter inch from the bully's face, tapping his cheek and effectively sending Mike into a dead faint.

The crowd around them cheered as Mike's body flopped to the ground. Percy got up, dusting his hands off.

percy and annabeth fight fanfiction

Annabeth came forwards, and Percy could see where Mike's punch had landed, bruising part of her left cheek and cutting her lower lip. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Percy Jackson and the Olympians.Alright, so, as promised, here's another one-shot. I had it written out for a long time, but typing it up But here it is, finally. It's different, bear that in mind.

I don't really care if you don't like it or whatever, so there's no need to tell me. Because I like it, and that's what matters. However, if I made any mistakes, please tell me. But otherwise, enjoy this random little one-shot, and review afterward :. Percy and Annabeth had had a fight. Not a light argument; those happened all the time, and their topics were absolutely trivial.

They always ended with laughter too. No, this was a fightthe kind where Annabeth actually broke down into tears, which never happened, and Percy stormed from his apartment, looking positively murderous.

It had started when Annabeth had mentioned something about Percy having a superiority complex. He had narrowed his eyes and asked what that meant, and it had only escaladed from there.

There had been an inevitable shouting match about said superiority complex and that Annabeth thought Percy played the 'tragic hero' card too often. And now Percy was stalking down the streets of New York and into a place that he rarely ever went; a bar. Within the hour, he was completely drunk.

He leaned heavily against the counter top, swirling the contents of his glass absently. He'd been thinking about what Annabeth had said about him having a superiority complex, and his muddled mind was starting to think that maybe she was right.

Ever since he had saved Olympus, he always wanted to be the one to fix everything.They made up too easily, of course, so it's fluff, but still, Annabeth gets jealous; Read and review! Percy breathed easy as he propelled himself across the pool, not going too horridly fast, but not too slow that he threw the race. He won by that much, and as he pulled himself out of the pool, smiling at the team mate he'd beat in the scrimmage, he didn't consider the fact that, while swim team held open practices so others could come in and watch, people actually would.

He walked over to where the rest of the team was waiting. Paige Collins, a petite blonde in his grade and on the swim team, was waiting by the starting point.

The swim team captain, Mason, was standing at the side. Winner goes against Percy and winner of that race goes against me. Percy shrugged and walked back to join the rest of the team as he waited for the final race. Mason blew the whistle and James and Paige shot into the water, racing towards the opposite end of the pool. When Paige won, she wandered back over to him, smiling.

She crossed her arms. Paige took a step closer, ran her eyes up and down, sizing him up as competition…and secretly enjoying the well muscled view he presented. Strong, but slim and with a swimmer's build, and utterly handsome. Dark hair that often fell in his eyes, green eyes that seemed to dive into a girl's heart and made it thump faster and faster. Lips that looked kissable, arms that could hold a girl tightly and never let go….

Paige took one final step closer. They were almost touching. Percy towered over her, staring down. They were meeting each other, gaze for gaze, staring each other down… And Percy was oblivious to what she was thinking. He was thinking it was friendly competition.Today was one of those rare days where Percy was returning to camp so we can plan a strategy for the war.

I miss him so much He has not returned in over three weeks, and I've been so lonely. But he always showed up in my thoughts, with his jet black hair, his sea-green eyes that always sparkled with amusement, his smile, his jokes, his muscular body- ' Stop, you already look like a lovesick daughter of Aphrodite'. I groaned in frustration and threw myself on my bunk. I blinked a few times before getting up and leaving my cabin.

Today was a beautiful day, even for winter. The sky was overcast and the wind wasn't too cold, a perfect day for his arrival. I went to the Big House, Chiron told me to wait there, but all my being wanted to go to the Half-Blood Hill and hug him when I see him. Where are these thoughts? He's just my best friend and nothing more, besides, I'm sure he's going out with that nightmare redhead, Rachel Elizabeth Dare.

Anger erupted inside me. I moaned and kicked a rock that was on the way. And there he was. Seaweed Brain, looking at me funny with a smile. His green eyes were shining, which makes me melt He wears a white t-shirt that marked his muscles and jeans. I was about to say hello or apologize for hitting him with a rock when I remembered that he had decided to go to have fun with Rachel, instead of staying here and talk about the war, or stay to check on Chiron's leg, or I don't deny that he needs to relax; he has a lot on his shoulders, but He chose Rachel over me.

I blushed and turned away my face. Percy did the same- "Umm I remembered the last time he came. I was so absorbed in my cabin designing that I don't had remembered that he was coming, then Percy had entered my cabin and had stolen my sketchbook for me to pay him attention. And he still didn't return it. He looked so cute! But I want my notebook back! I wasn't going to say him I was jealous that he spent more time with that redhead than me.

At that time, Chiron approached us in his wheelchair. His leg was still not completely healed Who knew that the centaurs take longer to heal than the demigods?

Percy and I nodded and followed him to his office. This had a desk, a chair on one side and two on the other, a lamp and Chiron music collection.

Chiron never wants to talk about Luke, although it always comes out in the conversation. I mean, he is Cronos now.

percy and annabeth fight fanfiction

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